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Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Services

Organic Mosquito & Tick Control Program

Where we live, mosquitoes and ticks can be dangerous and invasive. Protect your New Jersey lawn with our full-organic, highly effective mosquito and tick services. Our mosquito and tick control will protect your family, pets, foliage, and other wild species this year, like butterflies and bees.

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What Are The Benefits of Choosing an Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Program?

Green Roots Organic is your local environmental expert in mosquito and tick control.

Mosquito and tick control is absolutely imperative to protect your pets and loved ones from diseases like West Nile and Lyme Disease. Decreasing the population of mosquitos and ticks in your yard will also make your outdoor space more enjoyable. You can rest easy knowing we use only environmentally friendly and effective ingredients in our organic tick and mosquito control for lawns.


Beautiful, Healthy Outdoor Space

Protecting your family, pets, and friends is important to you, so it’s important to us too. Mosquitos and ticks can carry diseases that are harmful to your loved ones and your pets. We think that protecting them should be easy, and shouldn’t be harsh on the environment, so we made clean, green pest control accessible for everyone.


No Annoying Buzzing, Swatting, or Swollen Bites

Aside from being potentially dangerous, mosquitos and ticks are outright annoying! Relax outdoors without the disturbance of buzzing in your ear and bites on your skin this Summer.


Always Clean, Green, and Fully-Organic

All of our mosquito and tick treatment products are fully organic, chemical free, and FDA approved. Your beautiful new lawn can stay green and eco-friendly, even with effective pest control services.


Relax and Enjoy Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Not having to worry about disease spread by these insects, while also feeling good about the chemical-free, effective, beautiful smelling organics we use to treat your lawn should help you get comfortable in it this year. And as always, your support of a locally owned lawn care center helps support your local community.

Benefits of Choosing an Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Program

What is Included in the Mosquito and Tick Control Program?

  • 5 Treatments

    As the climate changes, mosquito and tick populations are thriving along much of the Northeast United States and beyond. These hearty species often need reassurance that your home cannot be theirs, so we revisit the lawn every 3 to 4 weeks to reassess, and reapply product. We’ll get rid of your pests, and keep them gone for good.

  • Protection For Children And Pets

    We’ll only be using the highest-quality, organic ingredients to treat your pest problem. This means you’ll never have to worry about any adverse effects for your children, pets, neighbors, or your beautiful organic lawn. Our formula is one hundred percent non-toxic and effective.

  • No Effect On Beneficial Insects

    While our mosquito and tick control measures are highly effective at killing and preventing repopulation of mosquitos and ticks, they will not harm any other insect species. Butterflies, honey bees, and ladybugs can go about their daily lives with the sweet smell of cedar oil in their foliage-homes.

  • Control For Both Ticks And Mosquitos

    Even though our treatment is fully organic, non-toxic, and gentle on the environment, it’s as effective in fighting against both mosquitos and ticks as any chemical-based care might be. Forget about dangerous mosquitos AND ticks this summer, and enjoy your beautiful, chemical-free lawn.

Our Mosquito and Tick Service Areas in NJ

Mosquitos and ticks live all across New Jersey, so we cover a wide range of service areas in hopes of protecting your family and your yard. Lawns in Cranford, NJ, Madison, NJ, Westfield, NJ, Maplewood, NJ, Summit, NJ, South Orange, NJ, Millburn, NJ, Chatham, NJ and Cranford, NJ all continue to reap the benefits of clean, organic mosquito and tick control.

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

We’re your locally owned and operated lawn care experts, and we’re committed to the health and comfort of your loved ones. We’re also passionate about thick, lush grass, pest-free outdoor spaces, and the balance and beauty of a healthy planet. We believe affordable, eco-friendly lawn care should be accessible to everyone, so we set out to create quality lawn care programs that protect your ecosystem, your family, and your home’s value.

  • Knowledgeable

    Green Roots Organic has invested years into the practice of growing and maintaining healthy, organic lawns. We’ve researched, tested, and applied all of the highest-quality products and seeds to lawn care programs that we’re proud of. Now, we want to pass that knowledge on to you.

  • Earth Friendly

    All of our mosquito and tick treatment programs use fully-organic, highly effective ingredients to destroy potentially harmful pests in your yard. These products won’t harm other species, like butterflies, bees, and frogs, and won’t harm the ecosystem.

  • Passionate

    We care about green lawn care, and we care about you, our neighbor. We’re here to help your beautiful lawn and garden thrive without the use of any chemicals or harsh additives in our products.

  • Rewarded

    Choosing a lawn care and pest control service can be difficult, but not with Green Roots Organic. Our packages are fully customizable, organically-based, and won’t harm the environment in which we both live. Even better, an investment in us means a three-fold investment back into your local economy, ecosystem, and property value. It’s a no brainer that Green Roots Organic is a choice you can feel great about.

  • Green Lawns

    Eco-health and balance are our number one priority, so green, toxin-free lawns are our way of protecting your family, pets, and the ecosystem we share. Everyone is entitled to sustainable green lawn care, and we’re here to make it affordable, accessible, and customizable to your lawn’s specific needs.

  • Local

    Supporting a locally owned and operated lawn care business means supporting your community and local economy. We work hard to create beautiful, safe lawns for our neighbors, and a healthier community for all of us.

Green Roots Organic Mosquito and Tick Control

Some Of Our Recent Projects

Which Mosquito Control Package is Right For You?


Organic Mosquito Control

Designed to reduce the number of mosquitos you encounter on your property. We use one of the highest concentrations of cedar oil in the market.

    5 Visits every 3-4 weeks
    100% Organic Solution
    Proprietary Blend of Cedar Oil
    Industry-leading Formula
    No harm to Family, Pets, Bees, and the Environment
    Mosquito Control

Organic Mosquito & Tick Control

Designed to reduce the number of mosquitos and ticks on your property. We use the same great formula for mosquitos, but we spray in additional areas of the property to also control ticks. 

    5 Visits every 3-4 weeks
    100% Organic Solution
    Proprietary Blend of Cedar Oil
    Industry-leading Formula
    No harm for Family, Pets, Bees, and the Environment
    Mosquito & Tick Control

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