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Organic Lawn Care Service in New Jersey

Lawn Care Service Company, New Jersey

Green Roots Organic lawn care provides affordable and responsible lawn care fertilization and weed control services in New Jersey. We are passionate about lawn care and look forward to sharing this passion with you and our community.

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

Our unmatched professionalism and friendly, neighborhood attitude will leave you feeling good about your decision to work with a local business dedicated to making lawns look beautiful. We’re also passionate about environmental stewardship and design all our lawn programs with that in mind. We’ve spent years investing in our craft, and in finding the best quality, products on the market. And now, we’re ready to share that all with you!

  • Knowledgeable

    We’ve done all the research and gotten our hands dirty hundreds of times, searching for the products and methods that will transform your lawn from a weedy mess into a beautiful, green, and lush lawn. Now we’re ready to pass on that knowledge and passion to you, our neighbor.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    We take our environmental role seriously and always aim to strike the right balance by offering a variety of hybrid and pure organic lawn fertilization and weed control plans. Our emphasis is on less chemical input without sacrificing our goal of delivering beautiful lawns.  

  • Passionate

    We take pride in transforming lawns because it fulfills us every time. Our priority is to provide our clients with a choice of safer alternatives to lawn care and produce a green lawn our clients will enjoy. Our passion is lawn care and believe a healthy, safer, beautiful, and green lawn will make us all happier!  

  • Rewarded

    You might never have a more straightforward decision to make in your journey through homeownership. We are the most passionate local lawn care company around when it comes to environmentally friendly, beautiful, and lush lawns with unmatched professionalism. Take pride in knowing you’ll be growing your cleanest, healthiest lawn yet with help from one of your neighbors. When you invest in your community, we do too.

  • Green Lawns

    There’s no replacement for the satisfaction of watching your lawn transform to a beautiful green lawn during the first year of service! Knowing your lawn is being serviced by a local business dedicated to safer lawn care will make all the difference!  

  • Local

    We can’t say it enough. We care about your lawn, because we care about our shared community, too. We are your locally owned and operated neighborhood lawn care expert, and we’re ready to help your lawn reach its full potential in health and beauty.

Our Services

Our New Jersey Lawn Care Services

New Jersey Spring Lawn Care

What does my lawn need in the Spring?

Lawn care treatment in the Spring is especially important for optimizing your lawn’s soil, using compost tea and other natural, organic ingredients. Help your lawn prepare to fight fungus naturally, inhibit weed growth, and grow the greenest grass it ever has with our Spring lawn care programs.


Do greener mosquito control alternatives work?

Mosquito control is especially important this time of year in order to enforce population control throughout the year. Not only are these pests annoying, they can be potentially dangerous to human health. Our mosquito control package is one hundred percent organic and effective.

Fall Lawn Care in New Jersey

How can I prepare my lawn for greener results next year?

Our Fall lawn care programs are everything your lawn needs for an even stronger and more beautiful Spring emergence. Lawn care in the fall includes aeration, overseeding, and our premium organic compost for top dressing your lawn with wonderful nutrients.

How We Work

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Healthy & Green Lawn Maintenance in New Jersey

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Enjoy Your Beautiful Green Lawn All Year Round

Speak with one of our lawn care staff members and explore how Green Roots Organic can help you create a beautiful green lawn. We’ll guide you through the lawn care services that you need throughout the year for your healthiest lawn yet. Whether it’s weeding, reseeding, or pest control, trust us to deliver the lush green lawn your family deserves this summer.

Lawn Care Professional in New Jersey

About Us

About Green Roots Organic

A New Jersey Lawn Care services company delivering environmentally friendly, responsible, and beautiful lawn care services to local communities in Northern, NJ.

Hi! My name is Jose Garrido and I am the owner of Green Roots Organic lawn care. As a father and a dog owner, I was driven to start a company that specializes in alternative and friendlier lawn care practices. Lawn care is my passion especially when we offer our customers an option to lawn care that doesn’t involve highly toxic chemicals. It is our goal to provide an alternative to conventional practices without sacrificing quality. We live in the local communities we serve and it is our mission to offer expert advice in a friendly and professional way. Thanks for considering Green Roots Organic, we hope you’ll come grow with us

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    Passionate About Lawn Care
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How does Green Roots Organic help the environment?

We deliver lawn care products and services that are environmentally friendly for families, pets, and the environment.


How can I protect family & pets with greener lawn care?

Let the kids and pets roll around on the grass knowing they are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients.


How can I achieve a beautiful green lawn this year?

Beautiful and lush grass just as nature intended. Our organic approach allows your grass to build deeper and stronger roots.


Some Of Our Recent Projects

Our clients love our services, from grub and mosquito control to complete lawn revivals. These lawns benefitted from our attention to root and soil health, for greener results with stronger roots and far fewer invasive weeds. 

Lawn Care Projects in New Jersey

Our Service Areas

Our Lawn Care Service Areas in NJ

We deliver healthy and effective lawn care services in Northern New Jersey that protects your family, pets, and our planet. We service clients throughout New Jersey, but more specifically in the following cities:


We Love Our Clients

Check out what people are saying about our clean, organic lawn services:


  •  When should I fertilize my lawn in NJ?

    Fertilization helps restore soil health and nurture your grass seedlings throughout the growing season. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall, as part of your aeration and reseeding process. If you’ve missed your opportunity this year, fertilizer can also be applied in early spring and will provide nutrients to your seedlings as they grow.

  • How do I get my lawn green in NJ?

    Keeping a green New Jersey lawn year-round requires annual maintenance, like fall lawn care services. It’s also important to make sure your lawn is getting the proper amount of nutrients and water. Make sure you choose the right grass seed and protect against pests like grubs, which can eat away at your grass roots. Learn more about each of these topics in our blog.

  • When should you aerate your lawn in New Jersey?

    Sometimes, soil compaction prevents your lawn from absorbing nutrients and water that it needs for proper growth. It’s a good idea to aerate at least once per year, and fall is the best time to do it. Regular use of your lawn throughout the spring and summer usually creates compaction that should be addressed before reseeding and performing other fall lawn care tasks.

  • What is the best grass seed to use in New Jersey?

    The best New Jersey grass seed is one that matches the sun/shade mixture of your lawn. The grass seed we recommend for northeast climates is Tall Fescue, Kentucky Blue, Perennial Rye, or a Fine Fescue blend.

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