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Full Organic Lawn Care Service in New Jersey

Full Organic Lawn Care Service

Green Roots Organic offers a complete, 100% organic lawn care treatment program for homeowners who require an eco-friendly approach to lawn care. Our all-natural, organic lawn services treat your lawn from soil to sky with the highest-quality organic ingredients on the market.

A New Jersey Lawn Care Services Company

New Jersey Organic Lawn Care Program

Green Roots Organic is your local lawn care expert with environmentally friendly programs.

Our fully organic lawn care services provide optimum results for the environmentally-conscious homeowner who wants to contribute in the most impactful way possible. If you're willing to be patient as we work on amending your soil to be biologically rich and can be tolerant of a few weeds, organic lawn care could be for you. This natural lawn care program is eco-friendly, pet-friendly, family-friendly, and offers the highest quality lawn care with complete peace of mind. If you’re ready to give your lawn the time and organic resources it needs to get back to optimal health and beauty, organic lawn care will get you there.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing a 100% Organic Lawn Care Service?

Whether you’re a first time home buyer looking for pet-friendly lawn care, or have owned for years and are ready to see your lawn reach its full potential in beauty and health, natural lawn care can help you. Organic lawn care services are the healthiest, most responsible way to achieve the beautiful lawn you’ve been dreaming of.


Your Lawn At Its Most Beautiful

Our passion for beautifully landscaped lawns is just as strong as our passion for the environment. Even if you're not very concerned about which chemicals are in your soil, organic lawn care can still deliver a beautiful, healthier lawn. Organic lawn care helps create the lush, green uniformity that we all love in an outdoor space.


Environmental Stewardship

Our high-quality organic treatments mean you are treating your soil with the very best ingredients. Your environmental leadership and stunning outdoor oasis might attract even more interest in organic lawn care.


Healthy Friends, Family, Neighbors And Pets

Above all else, the health of our lawns means the health of our families, pets, and ecosystem. Knowing the people and community you love are protected from the harmful chemicals in some lawn care products makes organic lawn care worth the research.


Complete Peace Of Mind

Responsible decisions like eco-friendly lawn care give you the peace of mind of a healthy lawn, family, and ecosystem. Choosing us means you’re helping your local economy and community thrive. Enjoy the peace of mind of making the well-informed choices from your lush, green paradise this year.

Organic Lawn Care Services

What is Included in the Organic Lawn Care Services?

Our organic lawn care services are comprehensive and customizable, as always. We include organic weed control methods, organic fertilizer, and an organic tea compost to care for your space the natural way. You can even include pest control that’s fully organic, if you want to add even more comfort to your healthy, thriving lawn.

  • 5 Annual Visits

    Once you purchase your organic lawn care package, we’ll check in with you 5 times throughout the year in order to assess growth, problem areas, and soil health. Our expertise is available to you all throughout your lawn’s growth and lifecycle.

  • Organic Formula

    Our completely organic lawn services uses only the highest-quality products and ingredients on the market. The organic lawn care service is perfect for those who want to do their part in protecting the ecosystem and their families.

  • Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer

    Even our fertilizer is environmentally friendly. With the organic lawn care packages we provide, everything is organic, including our pest control and weed management products.

  • Crabgrass & Weed Management

    Beautiful, thriving grass without the threat of crabgrass and weed invasion is possible with a full-organic lawn care plan. Organic products help your lawn how to relearn resilience and immune function, and ensure many healthy years to come.

  • Mineral Based Weed Control

    We use a weed control solution with the highest quality mineral ingredients. This helps your organic lawn fend off problematic plant growth, the natural way.

Our Lawn Care Service Areas in NJ

We’re locally owned and operated, and proudly serve much of New Jersey, including where you live! We work in the following communities:

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

Our goal is to bring you the healthiest lawn you’ve ever had with the peace of mind that comes from a chemical-free lawn care plan. We’re passionate about environmentally friendly lawn care, so we offer customizable lawn care packages that are good for your environment, good for your family, and good for your pets. Best of all, we provide premium lawn care service with the friendliness of a local lawn care company. Your community is our community. Let’s help it grow together.

  • Knowledgeable

    We spend a lot of time researching the highest quality organic products on the market, for you. We’ve also invested years into growing experience and perfecting organic growing. Now we want to pass that knowledge on to you.

  • Earth Friendly

    Our high-quality ingredients are the best available on the market, allowing you unsurpassed peace of mind with your eco-conscious lawn. Protect your family, your pets, and the Earth we inhabit with this package.

  • Passionate

    Our passion for environmentalism is only matched by our passion for beautiful, healthy lawns. With organic lawn care, you can have both. Let us show you the many benefits of wholesome, natural care for your lawn and the ecosystem you share with it.

  • Rewarded

    Rest assured knowing you’ve given your lawn the most naturally-derived, complete care that it needs to thrive. Your family, pets, and beautiful lush lawn will thank you for creating the most balanced and complete environment possible. Feel great knowing your family is protected, and your community is fortified through your support of local business.

  • Healthy Green Lawns

    A healthy lawn is a green lawn, in both the organic sense and in the rich, natural color organic plants produce. Enjoy the results of a complete organic treatment and beauty of a happy, healthy lawn.

  • Local

    We’re your local organic lawn care experts, with years of experience treating organic lawns and building a more beautiful community for all of us. Our neighborhood is your neighborhood, so we take pride in investing in its health and wellness!

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Some Of Our Recent Projects

Which Lawn Care Treatment is Right For You?


Semi-Organic Lawn Care

A hybrid program consisting of organic and non-organic, eco-friendly products that are free of any dangerous chemicals.

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    Organic + Non-Organic Products
    EPA low risk, low impact products
    Environmentally Friendly

Organic Lawn Care

A 100% Organic program with zero chemicals. This proprietary blend includes only the purest and natural ingredients. 

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    100% Organic Treatments
    Organic Minerals & Herbicides
    Environmentally Friendly

Grub Control

An optional lawn treatment with low toxicity to prevent infestation of grubs and protect your lawn

    Prevent Lawn Damage
    Prevent Grubs in your Lawn
    Low Toxicity & Low Impact
    Environmentally Friendly

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