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Fall Aeration Lawn Care Package

Fall Basic Lawn Revival Package

Cover your lawn’s essential needs during the Fall, with our Fall Basic Lawn Care Package. Aeration and seeding in the fall are two of your lawn’s most crucial needs, preventing weed invasion and keeping your lawn healthy.

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What Are The Benefits of Choosing Fall Basic Lawn Care Package?

Green Roots Organic is your local lawn care expert with environmentally friendly programs.

A Fall Aeration Package will prep your lawn for winter, and its healthiest Spring yet. Core aeration and overseeding ensure a thicker carpet of grass to help reduce weed invasion and optimal health next season and beyond.


Fortify Your Roots Before The Winter

Aeration in the Fall is especially important if your lawn struggled to carry nutrients at the end of a hot summer. Lawn aeration allows roots better access to added oxygen and nutrients from the Earth. Helping roots become their healthiest now will make your grass more resilient through all seasons.


Set Up For An Abundance of Growth This Spring

Fall is the best time to aerate and seed since all the environmental conditions necessary for seed germination are extremely optimal. Seeding before the winter means your new seedlings have the next few months to establish stronger and more resistant roots! In our view, there is no better time to seed than in the fall!


Build Up Your Lawn’s Natural Defenses

Not only does aeration expose your grass roots to more nutrients and atmospheric elements, it helps build more resilient grass. Grass that’s receiving the nutrients it needs from the world around it is better equipped to fight off plant diseases, year-round.


Environmentally Friendly Solutions

You can feel one hundred percent confident with this Fall lawn care package because we only use the highest quality and disease-resistant seeds we can find. We go out of our way to source seeds that do not have any hidden fungicides or funky colors and are as close to 100% seed as possible.

The Benefits of Choosing a Fall Aeration Lawn Care Package

What is Included in the Fall Basic Lawn Care Package?

This is our most basic and affordable fall package that includes our Aeration and Seeding service which is our most popular and essential service during the fall! At Green Roots, we believe that aerating and overseeding your lawn is one of the most important services youcan do to keep your lawn healthy and minimize the invasion of weeds. In our opinion, there is no better way to keep your lawn dense and green than by overseeding each year with ourhigh-quality grass seed.

  • Core Aeration

    Lawn aeration is especially effective in the Fall for delivering the oxygen and other nutrients your grass needs to grow. Core aeration allows nutrients to sink deep into the roots and nourish your grass, preparing it for stronger, healthier plants during the upcoming growing seasons. Core aeration is sensible, affordable, and always chemical-free.

  • Overseeding

    Overseeding is the perfect pair with core aeration in the Fall. With your roots freshly exposed to all of the oxygen and other nutrients they rely on, seeds can nestle in and reap those benefits too. Overseeding grass in the Fall after thorough aeration guarantees thick, abundant growth in the Spring.

Our Lawn Care Service Areas in NJ

We care a lot about eco-conscious lawn care because we recognize an opportunity to contribute to a healthier, greener Earth, and to help others do the same. We care even more about green lawn care in your community, because we share that community with you. We are locally owned and operate in Chatham, NJ, Cranford, NJ, Madison, NJ, Maplewood, NJ, Millburn, NJ, South Orange, NJ, Summit, NJ, and Westfield, NJ.

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

Green Roots Organic is your local, eco-friendly lawn care company that takes pride in creating healthy, beautiful lawns in our community. We believe that premium lawn care and lawns that are healthy for family, friends, and pets should be accessible to everyone. Because we’re passionate about environmentally friendly lawn care, we’ve researched the highest-quality products, and invested years of experience in organic growing.

  • Knowledgeable

    Not only are we your local lawn care experts by trade, we’ve also spent many years learning about organic growing and how lawn treatment chemicals affect the ecosystem. We’ve done the research and put in the hands-on hours, and are ready to empower you with the same knowledge (and a beautiful lawn).

  • Earth Friendly

    All of our high quality products are made with environmentally safe, FDA approved, low risk ingredients. This includes every product we use in every Fall package. Many Fall packages are one hundred percent organic, and all of them are customizable.

  • Passionate

    There’s nothing that matters more to us than the health of our children, pets, and planet. Creating beautiful, green lawns with flourishing, healthy grasses the natural way makes it even more worth the investment. Let us take on your organic Fall lawn care, because we love it!

  • Rewarded

    Not many decisions in life are as straightforward as purchasing the Fall lawn care package your grass needs. Nourish the Earth organically, support a local business in your community, and enjoy it all from the lush green paradise you can look forward to this Spring.

  • Green Lawns

    Our Fall Aeration lawn care package is one hundred percent organic, providing you with the peace of mind that your Spring lawn will be too. Enjoy the outdoors this Fall with your family, neighbors, and pets, knowing your lawn is green, safe, and chemical-free.

  • Local

    We’re your local lawn care experts, and because we’re local, look forward to your beautiful Spring lawn almost as much as you do. Supporting a local business means supporting the community we share, and we try to give back with the beauty of a healthy, safe, organic lawn.


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