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Lawn Care Experts In Summit, New Jersey

Lawn Care Experts In Montclair, NJ

We care as much about your environmentally-responsible lawn as you do, because we share the same neighborhoods. You can rely on our experts for friendly, affordable lawn care as well as mosquito and grub control.

Our Montclair, New Jersey Lawn Care Services

Semi Organic Lawn Care In Chatham, New Jersey

Optimized Lawn Care

Whether you’re making the transition to full organic growing, or comfortable with the use of our eco-friendly, EPA approved, semi-organic products, optimized lawn care might be right for you. Our hybrid packages are fully customizable and provide you with the healthy, safe, eco-friendly lawn service and mosquito control you’ve dreamed of.

Organic Lawn Care In Chatham, New Jersey

Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care is the most effective way to protect your family and pets from chemicals and additives in your lawn service products. Our organic program is pet-friendly, kid-friendly, foliage friendly, and produces your healthiest lawn yet. Our mosquito control service is organic too!

Grub Control In Chatham, New Jersey

Grub Control

Grub control is important to protect your lawn from damaged roots and dead spots. Our grub treatment services include grub removal and a preventative application of grub treatment products that are clean and organic. Trust us to protect your lawn from the inside out!

Fall Aeration Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Fall Basic Package

Fall is the best time to aerate the soil and break up the compaction that keeps roots from reaching all the nutrients grass needs to grow. Lawn aeration allows your grass to reach and more effectively absorb the nutrients it needs from its natural environment.

Fall Plus Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Fall Plus Package

Our Fall Plus package prepares your lawn for a sustainable Winter and healthy Spring with an application of compost top dressing after aeration and reseeding. Our compost top dressing is rich, nutrient-dense, and fully organic.

Fall Premium Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Fall Premium Package

The Fall Premium package gives you all the important services of our Fall Plus package, including aeration, overseeding and our signature compost top dressing. It also covers weed control, and our weed treatment services use only EPA approved, low-risk product ingredients.

Fall Revival Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Fall Revival Package

For full-service eco-friendly lawn care for Fall, our Fall Revival package does it all. We’ll give your lawn the full treatment with lawn aeration, overseeding, compost dressing, and additional weed control to protect your grass throughout the growing season.

Organic Mosquito Control In Chatham, New Jersey

Mosquito Control

Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, they can be dangerous. We’ll help you minimize the risk of bites and the buzzy disruptions to your peaceful summer nights outdoors this year.

Why choose us?

We’re passionate about quality, sustainable lawn care, and the families that enjoy our lush, green lawns. That’s because your community is ours too, so we use our knowledge and many years of industry experience to bring you the greenest lawn care possible. You can count on us for reliable, friendly service and all of your organic and semi-organic lawn care needs. Get in touch today and we’ll help guide you through the perfect lawn care plan for your home or property.

We Service Clients Throughout New Jersey. 

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

We believe that eco-friendly lawn care that’s healthy for your family, pets, neighbors and environment should be affordable and accessible. We offer premier lawn care programs at affordable prices, near you. We’re local, honest, trustworthy and flexible, with customizable lawn care packages that meet your specific lawn care needs.

  • Knowledgeable

    Our knowledge of green pest control comes from lots of research, and many years of experience creating beautiful, pest-free lawns. We’ve found the perfect balance of natural ingredients to rid your lawn of grubs and the damage they cause.

  • Earth Friendly

    Our low-toxicity, Earth-friendly products mean you can rest assured that your lawn will overcome an infestation without damaging the Earth. We’re always transparent about the ingredients in our products, and are proud of the Earth-friendly work we do for our clients.

  • Passionate

    We care so much about clean, green, beautiful lawn care that all of our products are created from the highest-quality ingredients on the market. We’ll help you grow your most beautiful lawn with natural ingredients you can have confidence in.

  • Rewarded

    Green grub control programs mean you can feel good about the Earth-friendly decision you’ve made to protect and grow your lawn. Your healthy green lawn and your community will thank you too, for supporting your local neighborhood lawn care experts.

  • Healthy Green Lawns

    Clean, green lawns are our passion, and that translates through all of our services, including grub and mosquito control. We won’t compromise the health and wellness of your family, pets, and environment with questionable chemicals or other harsh product ingredients.

  • Local

    Supporting Green Roots Organic means investing in your community. Because we are a locally owned and operated business, your green lawn boosts both the health of your ecosystem and your local economy.

Lawn Care Services In Summit, New Jersey

Our Lawn Care Service Areas in NJ

We’re proud to serve your neighborhood, because your neighborhood is ours too!Green Roots services lawns throughout much of New Jersey, including in the following areas:

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