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Our New Jersey Lawn Care Programs for the Spring

Green Roots Organic is your local lawn care expert with environmentally friendly programs.

We’re the most passionate lawn care company in the business, so we know how important it is to choose the right lawn treatment program for your lawn. Picking a lawn treatment program in the spring is especially important since the earlier you start adding organic inputs into your lawn the quicker you will amend the soil to be more biologically rich and healthy. 

Our Services

Our New Jersey Lawn Care Services

Optimized Lawn Care in New Jersey

Semi-Organic Lawn Care

If you are currently on a conventional lawn fertilization plan and looking to move to a friendly approach a semi-organic lawn care program is for you. This optimized lawn care program offers fewer chemicals and eco-friendly products while still feeding the soil and encouraging biologically rich and sustainable soil. Cut the risks of using dangerous chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers with our most popular lawn care package

Organic Lawn Care in New Jersey

Organic Lawn Care

Our fully organic lawn care package is designed to give your family and pets the peace of mind of a fertilization plan that is 100% organic. This eco-lawn-care package will use only natural ingredients to help feed the soil and encourage biologically rich and sustainable soil.

Grub Control in New Jersey

Grub Control

Grub control is another area we’ve mastered by using products with low toxicity. We do both grub removal and grub treatment for your lawn, minimizing the grub population, the potential for damaged roots, and reducing the chemicals in your beautiful new lawn. Leave the grub control to us.

Why choose us?

Green Roots Organic is your local lawn care company, and we are passionate about environmentally-friendly, healthy lawn care. We understand the science around organic growing is a lot to take in, but we’ve done the research and we want to share our knowledge with you, our neighbor. Our lawn care packages are responsible, affordable, and customizable. Let us provide you with effective, custom lawn care, so your lawn can have its most beautiful year, ever.

Which Lawn Care Treatment is Right For You?


Semi-Organic Lawn Care

A hybrid program consisting of organic and non-organic, eco-friendly products that are free of any dangerous chemicals.

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    Organic + Non-Organic Products
    EPA low risk, low impact products
    Environmentally Friendly

Organic Lawn Care

A 100% Organic program with zero chemicals. This proprietary blend includes only the purest and natural ingredients. 

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    100% Organic Treatments
    Organic Minerals & Herbicides
    Environmentally Friendly

Grub Control

An optional lawn treatment with low toxicity to prevent infestation of grubs and protect your lawn

    Prevent Lawn Damage
    Prevent Grubs in your Lawn
    Low Toxicity & Low Impact
    Environmentally Friendly
Spring Tips for Lawn Care

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

We provide customized lawn care for those who care about the health of their children, pets, and communities above all else. Green Roots Organic provides environmentally friendly lawn care for the lush, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted. We care about the lawns in your community because we’re local, just like you.

  • Knowledgeable

    Green Roots Organic is your local organic lawn care expert. We’ve got no hidden agenda. We simply want to provide the cleanest, healthiest, most beautiful lawns we can to our neighbors and community. We’ve spent years researching and investigating what the healthiest organic lawns need, so that we can empower you with that same knowledge and expertise.

  • Earth Friendly

    We recognize that positive change begins with leaders in our community, so we’ve decided to be the change toward a healthier local and global environment. Reducing chemicals used for your lawn care creates a healthier world without compromising the appeal of a beautiful, thriving lawn.

  • Passionate

    We’ve grown our knowledge and experience with responsible, organic lawn growing because we are passionate about environmental health and balance. That’s why it’s easy for us to pass this knowledge on to you, without a pricey upcharge. We want to empower you to be as passionate about your healthy, beautiful lawn as we are!

  • Rewarded

    Green Roots Organic makes lawn care decisions simple. We’re the smart, affordable choice for a healthier and more balanced Earth. Beautiful design and nurturing lawn care help you enjoy your outdoor oasis in total comfort. Supporting your local lawn care experts is just one more way you’ve invested responsibly in the lawn we know you’ll love.

  • Healthy Green Lawns

    Enjoy the peace of mind you’ll receive when watching your children or pets play in a beautiful, organic lawn. Observe the wholesomeness of nature and wildlife in your backyard without worrying about adding chemicals to your environment. Our lawn care provides you with the healthiest, lush green lawn you’ll find.

  • Local

    We care about our community, its health and safety, and our role in environmental stewardship. We’re happy to share that community, and our expertise in organic lawn care, with you. We are local experts on responsible, sustainable lawn care, and are happy to contribute to yours.

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