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Lawn Grub Control Programs

Grub Control Lawn Treatment

When late spring is upon us, it is a good time to apply a preventative treatment to help avoid grub infestations in the late summer. Grub control is important to protect your grassroots from becoming damaged during a crucial growing period and into adulthood. 
Our grub lawn treatment is meant to prevent grub damage and, while it is not organic, it strikes the right balance since it is labeled a reduced risk product by the EPA and does not come with a warning label

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When to apply Grub Control and how to get rid of grubs in your lawn?

Green Roots Organic is your local environmental expert in lawn care.

Springtime is the best time to start tackling a grub population, because like your grass, grubs are growing and repopulating in this season too. Luckily, we’ve been on to them for years. We get rid of grubs in the lawn and prevent grub damage to existing and future grasses. Take advantage of early grub control methods to achieve the healthy Spring lawn you look forward to after a long winter.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Grub Control Service?


Save Money By Acting Early

Grubs are the larva of different types of harmless insects, but before maturity, they feed on the roots of plants, especially grasses. After they mature, they are much harder to control and prevent. A late spring grub control service helps prevent long-term, extensive damage to your lawn.


Protect Grass From Unsightly Brown patches

Out of control grubs will feed on the roots of your grass until it dies. Spongy, brown grass that pulls up easily in patches is the result of grub feeding. Grub control services give your grass a fighting chance, and are always low-risk and eco-friendly.


Protect Your Lawn from Long-Term Damage

Help your grass absorb all the nutrients it can to form strong roots. Our grub treatment is designed to prevent long-term damage and protect the investment you are putting into your lawn.  


Grub Control with Lower Toxicity Is Possible

Let us deliver the results of clean and effective grub control. Dry, brown spots are prevented with our grub control treatment with low-toxicity ingredients. Save yourself the hassle and headache; we’ll do the dirty work.

Lawn Grub Control in New Jersey

What is Included in the Grub Control Service?

Our grub control packages include both preventative and reactive care for grub control in your lawn. We help prevent grub damage to your lawn by doing a Spring grub removal and preventative treatment. All of our products are non-toxic, low-risk to the environment, and FDA approved.

  • Prevent An Infestation Of Grubs

    Early treatment is the best treatment when it comes to grub control. Mature grubs are much more difficult to remove, and have likely already done damage to your lawn. We remove grubs early, and prevent the population from growing later in the season.

  • Low-Risk Hybrid Formula

    Our semi-organic formula protects your lawn from grub damage and your family from harsh chemicals. All of our product ingredients are non-toxic and effective, FDA approved, and low-risk to the environment.

  • Very Low Toxicity Rating

    Our low-toxicity pest control products help us prevent root damage and protect your grass with minimal risk of harm to the environment or other organisms. Invest in the beauty of your lawn with eco-friendly grub control services and Green Roots Organic.

Our Lawn Care Service Areas in NJ

We’re proud to serve your neighborhood, because your neighborhood is ours too!Green Roots services lawns throughout much of New Jersey, including in the following areas:

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

We believe that eco-friendly lawn care that benefits your family, pets, neighbors and environment should be affordable and accessible. We offer premier lawn care programs at affordable prices, near you. We’re local, honest, trustworthy and flexible, with customizable lawn care packages that meet your specific lawn care needs.

  • Knowledgeable

    We’ve done all the research and gotten our hands dirty hundreds of times, searching for the products and methods that will transform your lawn from a weedy mess into a beautiful, green, and lush lawn. Now we’re ready to pass on that knowledge and passion to you, our neighbor.

  • Environmental Stewardship

    We take our environmental role seriously and always aim to strike the right balance by offering a variety of hybrid and pure organic lawn fertilization and weed control plans. Our emphasis is on less chemical input without sacrificing our goal of delivering beautiful lawns.  

  • Passionate

    We take pride in transforming lawns because it fulfills us every time. Our priority is to provide our clients with a choice of safer alternatives to lawn care and produce a green lawn our clients will enjoy. Our passion is lawn care and believe a healthy, safer, beautiful, and green lawn will make us all happier!  

  • Rewarded

    Green grub control programs mean you can feel good about the Earth-friendly decision you’ve made to protect and grow your lawn. Your healthy green lawn and your community will thank you too, for supporting your local neighborhood lawn care experts.

  • Healthy Green Lawns

    There’s no replacement for the satisfaction of watching your lawn transform to a beautiful green lawn during the first year of service! Knowing your lawn is being serviced by a local business dedicated to safer lawn care will make all the difference!  

  • Local

    We can’t say it enough. We care about your lawn, because we care about our shared community, too. We are your locally owned and operated neighborhood lawn care expert, and we’re ready to help your lawn reach its full potential in health and beauty.

safe grub control for your family, pets, neighbors and environment

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Which Lawn Care Treatment is Right For You?


Hybrid Lawn Care

A hybrid program consisting of organic and non-organic, eco-friendly products that are free of any dangerous chemicals.

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    Organic + Non-Organic Products
    EPA low risk, low impact products
    Environmentally Friendly

Organic Lawn Care

A program with organic fertilizers. This proprietary blend includes only the purest and natural ingredients. 

    5 Visits with 7 Treatments
    Organic Fertilizers
    Mineral-Based Weed Control
    Environmentally Friendly

Grub Control

An optional lawn treatment with low toxicity to prevent infestation of grubs and protect your lawn

    Prevent Lawn Damage
    Prevent Grubs in your Lawn
    Low Toxicity & Low Impact
    Environmentally Friendly

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