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Green Roots Organic is your local environmental expert in lawn care.

We provide the best, organic lawn care services throughout New Jersey.Our NJ lawn care company is also locally owned and operated, providing beautiful, natural lawns throughout the surrounding areas.

We service clients throughout New Jersey, but more specifically in the following cities:

Our New Jersey Lawn Care Services

Count on us to build your New Jersey lawn care schedule with year-round lawn care services like all-natural mosquito control, aeration, overseeding, fertilizer application, and more. Get in touch for a free estimate for one or more of our professional NJ lawn care services today.

Hybrid Lawn Care

Semi Organic Lawn Care In Chatham, New Jersey

The Fall Revival package is designed for new clients that need a lawn kickstart and are ready to start enjoying their lawn! In addition to all the services in our Premium package, it includes a fertilizing treatment to ensure it gets the right nutrients prior to the upcoming winter.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care In Chatham, New Jersey

If you are currently on a conventional lawn fertilization plan and looking to move to a friendly approach a hybrid lawn care program is for you. This optimized lawn care program offers fewer chemicals and eco-friendly products while still feeding the soil and encouraging biologically rich and sustainable soil. Cut the risks of using dangerous chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers with our most popular lawn care package!

Mosquito Control

Organic Mosquito Control In Chatham, New Jersey

Our mosquito control treatments are always fully-organic and highly effective. We’ll eliminate mosquitoes where they live and prevent the revival of the mosquito population through 5 treatments and reapplications of sweet-smelling cedar oil.

Grub Control

Grub Control In Chatham, New Jersey

Our fully organic lawn care package is designed to give your family and pets the peace of mind of a fertilization plan that is 100% organic. This eco-friendly lawn care package uses only natural ingredients to help feed the soil and encourage biologically rich and sustainable soil. Fully organic lawns may take time to establish and find balance but can be just as thick, green, and lush as chemically treated lawns. Start your organic lawn care today!

Fall Basic Package

Fall Aeration Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Grub control begins with grub removal, and continues with preventative products and services for your lawn. You can forget about the damage grubs did to your grass last year, because this year, we’ve got grub control under control, the natural way. With healthier root systems and soil, your grass will grow thicker and greener than before. Our grub control program also eliminates patches and loose grass caused by grub damage.

Fall Plus Package

Fall Plus Package In Chatham, New Jersey

Fall aeration is your lawn’s final prep before winter, to protect it from weed invasion throughout the Fall and into Spring. Our Fall Basic aeration package also includes overseeding, our secret for thick, abundant grass in the Spring. Aeration and reseeding are recommended every 1-2 years to keep your lawn healthy & thick.

Fall Premium Package

Fall Premium Package In Chatham, New Jersey

In addition to our overseeding and aeration services, our Fall Plus Package also offers you a compost top dressing. The organic compost dressing provides your lawn with all the nutrients it needs through the winter and into Spring. This combination of aeration, reseeding, and fertilizing is your perfect Fall recipe for a lush Spring lawn.

Fall Revival Package

Fall Revival Package In Chatham, New Jersey

In addition to our rich compost top dressing and our aeration and seeding services, the Fall Premium packages also include a weed treatment to help reduce those annoying summer weeds. This package includes all our most important Fall Services and is designed to give you everything you need to end the season on a great note!

Why choose us?

Whether your priority is your family's wellness, the health of your community and ecosystem, or having a beautiful, healthy lawn this year, we’ve got you covered. We’re the perfect balance between effective organic growing and environmentally sound practices, and we love what we do. Best of all, we’re close to you, because your community is our community too. We’re locally owned and operated, and ready to help beautify the neighborhoods we share with you.

Some Of Our Recent Projects

Check out some of our recent New Jersey lawn care projects in your community

Aerating a Lawn in Fall

We Do Things a Little Differently at Green Roots Organic.

Our unmatched professionalism and friendly, neighborhood attitude will leave you feeling good about your decision to pursue green lawn care with your local lawn care expert. We’re also passionate about environmental stewardship, the health of your family, pets and community, and the health of our planet. We’ve spent years of investing in our craft, and in finding the best quality, eco-friendly products on the market. And now, we’re ready to share that all with you.

  • Knowledgeable

    We’ve done all the research and gotten our hands dirty hundreds of times, searching for the best organic and eco-friendly products on the market, and learning how to do organic lawn care right. Now we’re ready to pass on that knowledge and passion to you, our neighbor.

  • Earth Friendly

    Protecting the planet from harmful chemicals is our number one priority, because a healthy ecosystem means a healthier outdoor space for your family to enjoy. We love the environment, and are always transparent about the product ingredients and services we use to care for it.

  • Passionate

    We take pride in what we do, because it fulfills us every time. Our priority is healthy communities and our passion is beautiful, green lawn care. We believe that a healthy ecosystem is a right, and a beautiful lawn makes all the difference.

  • Rewarded

    You might never have a more straightforward decision to make in your journey through homeownership. We are, hands down, the most passionate local lawn care company around when it comes to environmental care, beautiful, lush lawns, and unmatched professionalism. Take pride in knowing you’ll be growing your cleanest, healthiest lawn yet with help from one of your neighbors. When you invest in your community, we do too.

  • Healthy Green Lawns

    There’s no replacement for the peace of mind that comes with watching your family, neighbors and pets enjoy your clean, green lawn. Without worries of chemical-laden grass and shrubbery, you and your family are free to enjoy your beautiful, healthy backyard.

  • Local

    We can’t say it enough. We care about your lawn, because we care about our shared community, too. We are your locally owned and operated neighborhood lawn care expert, and we’re ready to help your lawn reach its full potential in health, color and beauty.

We Love Our Clients

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