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Green Grass Services: Which are Right for You?

Green Grass Services: Which are Right for You?

Healthy green lawns don’t happen by accident, and truth be told, there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. The green grass services you need will depend on different factors, including the current condition of your lawn. If you’re wondering how to get greener grass and how to keep your lawn green each year, you came to the right place. 

Green Roots Organic creates custom lawn care programs for all types of lawns. When determining which services you need, lawn service companies will assess your soil, root, and grass blade health to determine the type of lawn work you need for your lawn service.

Whether you’re choosing do it yourself lawn care or seeking a reference for future lawn care quotes, we’ve listed the most common lawn care services and how they affect your lawn’s appearance and health. 

But first:

Why is grass green? How can I get the greenest lawn?

You probably already know that healthy grass, like many other plants, appears green because of Chlorophyll. This is the green pigmented substance that plants synthesize and use for food in a process called photosynthesis

In order for your grass to maintain that lush, green color, it needs access to the proper nutrients in the air, soil, and water. It also needs the right amount of sunlight (according to species).

In order to get the greenest lawn possible, it’s your job to make sure your grass has access to these nutrients. The good news is, regular and annual lawn care services can help make sure your green or damaged grass gets exactly what it needs.  

Keep reading for industry tips on  how to get green grass and what each service can do for your lawn.

When and why you need weed control services

Weeds aren’t just unsightly, they can rob your grass of valuable nutrients in the soil. Weeding services can help prevent and eliminate the native plants in your lawn that compete with grasses for food. 

Lawn weed services can be useful for lawns that are patchy, have an abundance of non-grass plant life, or have “wild” surroundings that are creeping into the lawn. Weed control services are best paired with other services like aeration, annual or bi-annual reseeding, and a proper watering schedule.

How lawn fertilizing services can make your lawn greener

Sometimes, your soil is lacking the nutrients it needs to support your greenest lawn. If your grass appears spongy, dry, brown or dried out despite proper watering, it might be a good idea to start searching lawn fertilizer companies for the fall. 

Green lawn fertilizing at the end of the growing season can help supplement the nutrients in your soil and condition it throughout the winter. This allows new seeds access to rich soil when they germinate in the spring, which is why fertilization services are often best paired with aeration and reseeding. 

Contact your local lawn fertilizer company to set yourself up for complete lawn care this fall, or read on for more about what those services include.

Proper lawn care maintenance to keep your lawn green

If you prefer to take your lawn management into your own hands, congratulations! While complete lawn care can be an arduous set of tasks, there’s nothing more rewarding than a beautiful, healthy green lawn!

The best lawn care program includes appropriate watering and mowing schedules with annual aeration and reseeding, all of which you can do on your own. 

If you decide to aerate and reseed on your own, there are an abundance of aerator types to choose from, which will depend mostly on the size of your lawn and the type of lawn mower you have. Tow behind aerators are great for larger lawns and riding lawn mowers, but for smaller lawns or push mowers, you may need a push aerator or a manual aerator. Try to find a “plug” aerator and not a “spike” aerator, though spike aerators will do if you have a small yard with minimal compaction.

Make sure you choose the right grass seed for your lawn, which mostly depends on your region and sun/shade coverage throughout the lawn. Reseed after aeration in the fall, then cover the lawn with a natural fertilizer or homemade compost to nourish the soil throughout the winter. 

As the ground thaws in the spring, dethatch the lawn with a durable dethatching rake, and keep an eye out for spring growth. Reseed any areas that fail to germinate when the rest of the lawn begins sprouting new grass. 

Caring for lawns in the fall: a crucial time for green lawn care

If you decide to hire a lawn care professional, your lawn specialists will care for your lawn the same way we described in the last section. At Green Roots Organics, we add in some extras.

Your fall lawn care will include aeration, reseeding, and the application of natural fertilizer and an organic compote top dressing. We will check in on your lawn in the spring to determine whether you need more seed. We also re-apply seed in the spring when needed, and offer other green grass services, like grub control and organic mosquito and tick control that keeps your yard smelling like sweet cedar.

Your local lawn care services will be done with professional equipment that is properly maintained throughout the year, delivering that little extra to the look of your lawn. We also have access to the most effective natural and semi-organic products on the market, which are often not available at your local hardware or garden store.

When to seek lawn repair services

If your lawn is brown, dry, patchy, weed or pest-infested and you’ve tried the steps above with little success, we can help. 

Sometimes, the pH and nutrient balance of your lawn needs to be tested and optimized. We can do that for you before starting services before beginning lawn care maintenance and the appropriate grass care schedule for you. 

If you’re a new homeowner and aren’t sure how the lawn has been cared for in the past, this is also a good time to seek full-service lawn care from a local expert. We’ll help balance your soil’s nutrient profile and make sure you have the right type of grass for your climate and sun/shade mix. 

Local lawn care services with semi- and fully organic lawn care near me

Local lawn services can help get you set up for a green growing season, and green grasses throughout the year! Green Roots Organic offers both organic and semi-organic services for minimal chemical application to your outdoor space. 

Whether you’re looking for a fall lawn overhaul or just basic services like aeration and reseeding, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate.