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How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Company

How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Company

Choosing a lawn care company shouldn't be difficult, but the truth is, there are a lot of competitors out there claiming to be the best. To help choose the right lawn care company for you and your home or commercial property, there are a few things to consider.

We’ll teach you how to recognize the signs of a good lawn care company and how to choose a lawn care company that matches your needs, budget, and values. 

Choose a company with a great reputation in the community

Like any other service or product you buy, the reviews matter! Your local lawn care company will always have a limited service area range, which likely includes some of your satisfied (or unsatisfied) neighbors. Check in with your neighbors to see what type of reputation your company of choice has in the community. Do they arrive when they say they will? Do they perform services with attention to detail and friendly, professional service?

One great way to “vet” your lawn-care company is to check out their online reviews. More and more homeowners and other consumers focus on the value and quality of the work they’re receiving from lawn care and other companies, and aren’t afraid to share feedback online. Google reviews and other platforms are great ways to tell whether the lawn service company you’ve chosen will meet your needs and expectations.

You can check out what our clients are saying about us through Google reviews or our online testimonials on our webpage

Choose a company that upholds your values

Today’s homeowner and online consumer is looking for much more than just positive feedback and green lawns. We know that your values have shifted and you’re more aware than ever of the importance of working with brands and companies that support your values, including in the lawn care industry. 

The lawn care company you choose should have a mission statement on their webpage and clearly defined values that match your own. If you care more about protecting the environment and ecosystem health for today and tomorrow, choose a lawn care company that clearly defines their values and uses products and methods that uphold these values. 

Like us, many lawn care companies might claim to be a greener alternative to lawn care. But how do you know for sure what that means? Make sure that if you’re seeking a greener alternative, you choose a company with both organic and semi-organic options that match multiple budgets and levels of comfortability. Both packages should use EPA-approved products and regularly maintain their equipment for greater efficiency. 

Shopping local is also a great way to support your local economy, which in turn supports your values. Small business owners like Green Roots Organic are likely neighbors in your own community and have some of the same goals that you have for making the community a safer, cleaner, more biodiverse place to live.  

Choose a company that offers multiple pricing options and packages 

Lawn care needs vary from home to home, based on size, sun and shade mixture, pest infestations, weed control and soil health. Be sure the lawn care professionals you choose are flexible with the lawn care plans, packages, and pricing they offer, in order to best meet your needs, budget, and to keep your lawn healthy. 

Not every lawn needs restorative services every year, especially if you or your lawn care team has provided adequate care throughout the year. Don’t let your lawn care company sell you a one-size-fits-all package for lawn care, because you have options with other local lawn care companies, like us. 

Alternatively, make sure your lawn care providers offer additional services when you need them. These might include fully organic grub and mosquito control, or preventative weed control and lawn aeration.

Choose a company that meets your needs year round 

Healthy green lawns don’t get there by accident. In the New Jersey area, lawns need regular maintenance almost year-round, with the exception of the dormant winter months, when we both get a well deserved break! Your lawn company should take a year-round approach to lawn care that delivers a healthier lawn year after year. 

Spring and fall are critical times for lawn care services, whether you choose to do them on your own or hire a professional to do them for you. Aerating, reseeding, weed control programs, and pest control are services that we offer throughout the year, and you can find more information about when and why your lawn needs these services through our blog. 

You can also browse our restorative fall lawn care packages here if your lawn hasn’t received proper care in the last couple of years. These packages will help you understand what type of care you need to give your lawn a jump start in growth, and maintain a lush green look with healthy roots and a beautiful lawn all year long.

Choose a company that helps you learn and grow, too.

Your lawn care company shouldn’t gatekeep important lawn care and ecosystem information. Make sure the company you choose helps enable you to continue learning about your healthy lawn and proper care for the environment. Lawn care companies that offer helpful articles, including DIY and other informative posts, often care more about the community and the environment than their bottom line. 

Companies that insist you can’t do the work on your own are probably trying to monopolize your business and keep you from more cost-effective options for their own interests. At Green Roots Organic, we grow with you and hope to empower you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your lawn care program. That’s because your community is our community, too!

We’re your local lawn care experts and care as much about the health and safety of our neighborhood lawns as you do. That’s why we hope you enjoy this and other informative online resources throughout the growing season and beyond. You can also check out the gallery of lawn transformations we’ve facilitated in your community here. Happy growing, neighbor.