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Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

You might’ve wondered why there are so many weed control fertilizer combinations on the market, and why you might apply the two at the same time. The truth is, maybe you shouldn’t.

And sometimes, you should. It’s not always clear when to apply herbicide to your lawn, but it usually does not need to be applied nearly as often as fertilizer does. Unless you’re experiencing a weed invasion that can’t be solved with a more species-specific herbicide, you might not need to apply weed control products at all. 

Fertilizers applied at the right time, in combination with proper maintenance throughout the year (like watering, mowing, aerating and properly reseeding) can help your grass grow more resilient root systems. This helps your grass edge-out more pest and weed invasions naturally, and gives your lawn the nutrients and soil health it needs to thrive.

When you do need weed control, your local lawn care professionals will not only know what to do, they’ll have the product knowledge to give you a weed-free lawn with only EPA approved products and fewer toxic chemicals. This prevents accidentally killing patches of grass, and accidentally spreading unnecessary contaminants into the soil and environment. 

We’ve put together some benefits of adding weed prevention and fertilization programs to your lawn care plan. When you need a professional to help you achieve the healthy green lawn you’re looking for, you can count on experts like us.   

Fertilizer and weed control: the backstory 

You might wonder why we’ve combined the discussions about lawn fertilization and weed control services, and the answer is pretty simple. While properly fertilizing your lawn can help grow more resilient grass and balance the pH of your soil, many people associate fertilization and weed control because weed control products are often added to, and applied with, fertilizer. 

Liquid weed and feed for lawns is a popular product type for those who want to provide vital nutrients to their lawns while applying a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed species. But will a weed-and-feed product work?

The truth is that some lawn care fertilizer and herbicide combinations mean applying one or both at an other-than-ideal time. Fertilizer applied in spring and fall can help your grass grow stronger, deeper roots, but also provides fertilizer to other plant species on the lawn. This is why lawn fertilizer and weed control often go hand in hand.

The best fertilizer for weed control is one applied at the right time, creating the right nutrient balance for grass. Herbicides should be used to specifically target individual species of plants at the right time. Applying a general pre-emergent herbicide or fertilizer with weed control might be unnecessary, adding harsh products to your soil and environment with little benefit.

The benefits of adding a lawn fertilization program to your lawn care plan

That being said, the benefits to both lawn weed treatment and lawn care fertilizing overlap to create a healthy lawn and beautiful outdoor space. Here are some of the major benefits of lawn care fertilizers as part of your lawn care program:

1. Restore the balance of your soil naturally with lawn care fertilization, giving your grass roots access to all the essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive. 

2. Adjust the soil pH for optimal growing conditions for your grass. 

3. Encourage new growth with a blanket of key macro nutrients, like nitrogen and potassium, for healthy green grass.

4. Help grasses grow healthy and resilient to edge out some weed growth naturally.

5. Build resilience against pests by encouraging a thicker lawn and strong grass.

There are also benefits to using individual weed control services, sometimes in conjunction with your fertilization plan. Your local lawn care professionals can help you decide which is best for your lawn, and use organic fertilizers to maintain a healthy balance. 

The benefits of adding a weed control service to your lawn care plan

It should come as no surprise that treating weeds with lawn weed services can help your lawn achieve more uniform growth and overall healthier look. Sometimes weed control products are what your lawn needs to combat a weed invasion. But sometimes, applying a starter fertilizer with weed control from your local gardening store can wreak havoc on your soil health when applied to your entire lawn.

Adding weed control services to your professional lawn care service can help deliver the right weed control, at the right time, for your grass type. Weed control companies also understand the best application methods and the weed species most likely to invade your lawn. A professional weed control company or lawn care expert can provide proactive lawn weed care that eliminates the need for general herbicides, which blanket your lawn with potentially unnecessary chemicals. 

Your lawn care experts or weed control company will know what to apply to your lawn and when, for your healthiest, most balanced lawn yet. Adding a weed control service to your lawn care plan simply removes the guesswork and potential waste of time and money, while protecting your local ecosystem with high-quality products and healthy soil. 

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