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Why Hire a Lawn Care Professional in 2022 | Green Roots Organic

Why Hire a Lawn Care Professional in 2022 | Green Roots Organic

Personal lawn care can be overwhelming, whether you’re nurturing a small city lot or a large rural space.  Even if you love lawn care, there’s a lot of research that goes into successful lawn care solutions, and it can be very discouraging when your master lawn care plan fails to deliver the lush, green lawn you were hoping for. 

Lawn care professionals can provide professional lawn care services backed by years of experience and expert knowledge for customized lawn care that works. Sometimes, science-based knowledge of professional lawn care can help you save months of wasted effort in reviving or maintaining your beautiful green lawn.

While a quick search of “lawn care businesses near me” will yield countless results, choose the lawn care company that matches your values for environmental responsibility and a lawn care services list that matches your individual needs. Professional lawn services can help you grow your greenest lawn yet, using the highest-quality products on the market. 

Ready to learn more about what lawn care providers can do for your eco-friendly lawn this year? Read on for more information.

What do professional lawn care services include?

The professional lawn care services you receive are dependent upon the unique needs for your outdoor space.  Local lawn care services can include everything from a soil health test to a bi-annual aeration and reseeding service, to complete, eco-friendly pest control. 

Some local lawn care companies also include regular maintenance services, like landscaping and lawn mowing. Different yard maintenance companies offer different services.

Green Roots Organic focuses on both organic and semi-organic, eco-friendly lawn care services. We predominantly focus on building the health of your soil and ecosystem while restoring brown and bald patches, uneven growth, turf diseases, pests, and root resilience. We do not offer landscaping and mowing services, but do offer customizable lawn care packages to meet all other lawn care needs. 

Our restoration packages can help property owners who’ve given responsible lawn care a shot on their own, but didn’t receive the results they were hoping for. Sometimes troubleshooting your lawn’s health issues is complicated, and the help of a professional lawn care provider can help you rejuvenate your ailing lawn. 

What are the benefits of hiring a lawn care professional?

Top lawn care companies can not only deliver professional lawn care services and restore the health and beauty of your lawn, but they can also recommend and will use the best quality products on the market. 

Many lawn care products are made with harsh chemicals or herbicides that can harm the ecosystem. Understanding which products are most effective while having the smallest environmental impact requires an understanding of the listed ingredients, what they do, and how they interact with other products you’re using. Luckily, your local grass experts have a lot of experience doing this, and often have access to products that you won’t find in your local gardening center. 

If you manage or maintain commercial properties, the benefits of professional lawn care services are even greater. You'll save even more time and money with access to better quality products that can keep your commercial properties' lawns lush, green, and healthy. 

What are lawn repair services?

Lawn repair services help restore your lawn after damage. Whether that damage is due to lawn pests, turf disease, improper watering and mowing, or excess soil compaction, lawn repair services can correct those issues. 

Lawn repair service usually begins when your local lawn care professionals conduct a soil health test to determine what your lawn’s issues are. Sometimes, imbalances in pH and soil nutrients are to blame. 

Once that analysis has been conducted, your lawn restoration team will conduct a thorough lawn aeration and overseeding, and include any pest control services or nutrient restoration (compost fertilizing) services your lawn needs. 

Fall is a great time to tackle lawn restoration if your grass isn’t looking its greenest at summer’s end. The heaviest damage can be restored throughout the fall and winter so that your spring lawn is significantly improved in health and appearance. 

Lawn care service costs

Your service costs will depend largely on the lawn care company you choose and the extent of services rendered. Many lawn care companies price their services according to the size of your lawn.  

Pest control packages are often high-selling service add-ons for those homeowners who need expert lawn care and more natural pest control. If you're looking for a healthier lawn and outdoor space free of mosquitos and ticks, ask your local lawn care experts for eco-friendly pest control services.

Get quality lawn service with your local lawn care company

A dependable lawn care service can help elevate your lawn from green to its greenest while maintaining the health of your local ecosystem and protecting pets, family, and wildlife from harsh chemical treatments. 

Green Roots Organics offers free estimates for your unique lawn care needs. Contact us today to get your free estimate and the healthy lawn you're dreaming of for 2022!