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How a Professional Lawn Care Service Can Help During Spring

How a Professional Lawn Care Service Can Help During Spring

Many homeowners don’t realize this, but there are two very important times for lawn care throughout the year. The most important lawn care seasons for a healthy lawn are fall and spring. 

Spring lawn care is crucial for helping your new seed to build resilient roots and to rebalance soil nutrients. Spring lawn maintenance includes a few different services, mostly geared toward nurturing new grass as it emerges from a dormant winter and helping you grow a beautiful lawn for summer.  

Grass care during the spring doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’re here to deliver your spring lawn care schedule and lawn care steps for the healthiest grass this spring and summer. 

Early spring lawn care

Early spring is an important time to make sure you’ve given your lawn the seeding it needs to grow and thicken throughout the spring and summer. As the ground starts to thaw and the winter cold fades, new spring grass will begin to pop up overnight. That’s why one of our most important early spring lawn care tips is to be prepared for your spring lawn care with a good fall lawn care plan.

Fall is the ideal time to aerate and reseed your lawn after a long, hot summer. Plus, it helps you stay ahead of the spring thaw instead of guessing when to reseed based on the weather forecast. Reseeding in the fall allows you to proactively invest in your lawn for spring, with no pressure to get your early spring lawn care timing just right.  

Once your seeding and lawn aeration are complete in either early spring, late fall, or both, caring for lawns in the spring is pretty simple. Your lawn may need some post-melt detaching and debris removal, but other than ensuring you have a fertilization plan in place, special attention is not required at this time.

Just sit back, observe your new grass growth, and continue watering and mowing as needed. You can find more information about how to properly mow, water, and care for your lawn within our lawn services blog page.

What your spring lawn care schedule should look like

So you’ve aerated and reseeded, and are looking forward to spring growth. What does your lawn care plan need to cover next?

Your spring lawn care schedule will be mostly dependent upon precipitation and the grass growth that results. Avoid cutting your lawn until you see growth. If you are forced to aerate and seed in the spring, wait at least 2-3 weeks after the new seed starts to germinate. When you do cut, keep grass a little on the longer side (2.5 to 3 inches high). 

Don’t start cutting your grass for the season until grass is at least 3 to 4 inches high and the ground is dry enough to support the lawn mower and foot traffic without damage. Until then, you should continue to detach and remove debris from the lawn, observe your grass (and potentially weed) growth, and overseed as needed if you notice some patches growing more slowly than others. During the spring, the lawn will be actively growing and it is a good time to mow weekly since that encourages your lawn to keep growing and this is the perfect time of year to take advantage of that.

Lawn care basics: spring lawn care tips

Our number one spring lawn care tip is to take advantage of fall lawn care so that you’re not trying to adjust your spring lawn care to mother nature’s unpredictability. Fall lawn care and overseeding give you extra time to rebuild thickness and resiliency in your lawn by reducing compacted soil and encouraging early root growth in the spring.

Last on our list of lawn care tips for spring is a second reminder about lawn mowing. Most homeowners cut grass a little too short throughout the year, for a neater and more tidy appearance. But cutting grass too short can overwhelm your grass, especially new growth. Be patient with your lawn and let nature reestablish that lush, green grass and resilient grass roots before you cut. 

When to call a professional for your spring grass maintenance

If you skipped fall lawn care last year and aren’t sure when to begin your spring lawn care tasks, a professional can help. Lawn care experts know what your lawn needs, and when. If you’re not sure you can be available for your spring lawn care when the weather calls you to the task, don’t worry. Your local lawn care professionals, Green Roots Organic, can help. 

Similarly, if you’re having trouble deciding which products or seeds are best for your lawn, your dedicated lawn care professionals can help. Our expertise in local ecosystems will ensure you get the seed that’s best suited for your lawn, and only high-quality products with our services. We strive to set the bar high for responsible, eco-friendly lawn care.

Our team of lawn care experts can also help you prepare for the growing season with a soil health test and free lawn care estimate for the season or year. Different lawns need different types of care, and a professional lawn care plan will help address issues that the experts can easily recognize. These include soil imbalances, pest infestations, and potential weed invasions. 

Ready to set up your lawn for success this year? Contact us today for a free estimate. 

If you’re still unsure about how a professional lawn care company can help prepare you for spring and regrow your lush, green lawn this year, check out our recent reviews and lawn care pictures, or get in touch here.