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Come Grow With The New Green Roots Organic

Come Grow With The New Green Roots Organic

Green Roots Organic lawn care has scaled our environmental health goals and created a new, more accessible brand to match. While our passion for environmentalism continues to grow, we offer balanced, eco-friendly lawn care by going back to the basics. We want to reintroduce you to our brand values and services and invite you to come grow with us.

We’re Passionate About Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

After years of working on our craft, Green Roots Organic has updated its brand, but our passion for green lawn care is unwavering. Our priorities are in the health of your lawn, soil, loved ones, and the environment. We strive to provide professional lawn care services that strike the right balance in the Chatham, Cranford, Madison, Maplewood, Millburn, South Orange, Summit, West Orange, and Westfield NJ areas.

We are deeply invested in the health and wellness of your lawn, because we live in the communities we service and care about lawns that are not only aesthetically appealing but safer for all of us.  We provide seasonal organic and semi-organic lawn care services, in order to help grow stunning green lawns using premium ingredients and tried-and-true fertilizing solutions. We want to help you maintain a green and great looking lawn while not sacrificing the environment and your family with toxic methods.  

Whether it’s our lawn fertilization programs, organic mosquito and tick control, or our lawn restoration services, we are happy to help. We hope to inspire homeowners with our passion for beautiful, eco-friendly lawn care and lush, green results.

Some Lawn Care Methods Can Be Bad For Your Lawn and Your Environment

Traditional and more conventional lawn care methods rely too heavily on synthetic chemicals with an approach that goes against what nature intended.  It is designed to give your lawn an abundance of nitrogen and other chemicals without using an approach that unlocks the natural beauty that lives in your soil.  

At Green Roots Organic, we always strike the right balance and while our methods are not always 100% organic we work hard to limit the use of synthetic chemicals.  Instead we feed and replenish the soil with a community of organisms designed to naturally cycle the nutrients that keep your lawn looking healthy and green.  We strongly believe in nurturing the ecosystem that live in the soil by feeding them what they need to flourish.  This approach amends your soil and is meant to provide your soil the tools to be more sustainable in the long term. We design our lawn care programs with this in mind and only use high quality and premium plant based fertilizers.  We do all this while keeping our lawn care packages affordable and helping our customers balance their budget. 

Green Roots Organic realizes that change happens at the grassroots level, and we want to lead the change toward a greener future for all of us. While our products are a huge part of what makes your lawn green and healthy we also know there are environmental and cultural practices that will help your lawn stay healthy and green.  We believe in partnering with our customers and educating them on proper lawn maintenance by providing lawn tips throughout the season.  This is a huge part of what we do and we work every year to improve how and when we communicate since each year can present different challenges with regards to heat, rain, humidity, droughts, etc.  Our clients always receive an abundance of information on proper watering and mowing techniques designed to keep your lawn green and beautiful throughout the season!  

Green Roots Organic Offers Solutions

Whether you’re looking to jump-start your lawn care plan, or trying to learn more about the benefits of reducing chemicals in your lawn, we’re here to help. 

1. Start by checking out our customer reviews and beautiful lawn care results. We offer a wide range of full service and supplemental lawn care services. Contact us to talk about package options, organic treatments, and all of your lawn care questions.

2. Choose one of our seasonal lawn care packages. You might also benefit from selecting our pest control or quick tune-up services in addition to full-service lawn care, or as an introduction to organic lawn care.        

3. Start growing with us! Your lush, organic based lawn will be something to show off, and safe for your family, pets, and ecosystem. We make it one less thing you have to worry about.

Life With A Healthy, Organic Lawn

Healthy and green lawns increase your home's value, the community aesthetic, and the health and safety of your family, friends, and pets. Beautiful green lawns don’t require traditionally harsh chemical treatment, and they don’t have to consume all of your free time, with the right lawn care services.

Our customizable lawn care services can help your lawn reach its full potential. We believe that high-quality, non-toxic products can help your lawn become thicker and greener than it’s ever been. Organic and semi-organic services can support your grass’s growth while contributing to and benefiting from its natural environment.

You’ll have the peace of mind that only a natural green environment can give you. Rest assured that all of our products and services are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and use only the highest quality ingredients. Green Roots Organic nurtures lawns that you can feel good about, even when your family and pets are playing and laying in your grass.

Our Passion For Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Keeps Your Neighborhood Green

We think there are dozens of advantages to eco-friendly lawn care, many of which protect our future and our families. We care about the quality and health of your lawn because we’re local. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood too, and we want to help you grow with us. 

We know that our years of experience empower us to lead community change through education. We’re experts on organic and semi-organic lawn care and are ready to answer all of your lawn care questions. We’re also transparent about ingredients in all of our products, which are the best on the market.

Contact Us Today For a Free Estimate

If you’re ready to start the switch to organic or semi-organic lawn care, or want to learn more about environmentally friendly lawn care services, contact us today. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and walk you through each of our lawn care services to help you decide what’s best for your lawn. 

The New Green Roots Organic

While we’ve updated our website and online presence to help educate and inform more homeowners, our passion for environmentally-friendly lawn care services is unwavering. We are a locally based small business and take pride in offering you and your community the highest-quality products and services on the market. We’ll help protect your family, friends, and community, and help your lawn become healthy, happy, and green!